Employment patterns of UNAM graduates: an assessment of the employability of the media studies graduates of the University of Namibia

  • Fred J. Mwilima


The Department of Information and Communication Studies of the University of Namibia was established in 1998. Over the years the Department has grown, surpassing expectations to become the flagship of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in terms of student numbers. This study was carried out in 2009 by the Department of Information and Communication Studies (DICS) and focused on the employment patterns of students who went through its programmes from 2000-2007. The purpose of the study was to obtain feedback from the former students on their current employment, a perspective of their education at the university and what they think may have been missing in their programme which may need to be adjusted to better prepare future students for the job market. Although this study covered graduates of all the programmes in the department, this article will concentrate on graduates of the media studies specialisation (B.A. Media Studies) of the department only.
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