Developing a communication strategy framework for the Southern Africa Regional Hunger & Vulnerability Programme

  • Lydie Terblanche


The Southern Africa Regional Hunger and Vulnerability Programme (RHVP) is a three-year programme of support for policy-makers concerned with food security, social protection, and vulnerability analysis in the SADC region. RHVP aims to improve food security at both national and regional levels in the SADC region by improving capacities of national governments to initiate or expand social protection programmes; strengthening and helping to institutionalise systems for vulnerability assessment and analysis in support of social protection policy; and supporting complementary investigative work to identify and improve understanding of new approaches to reducing hunger and vulnerability.The components of the programme included: information and research, capacity building and training, commitment, influence, and policy change. The programme coordinators required assistance in order to formalise ideas and concepts into an actual working plan, in other words a communication strategy framework to determine communication needs, objectives, and goals.
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